Throwback Thursday: Amsterdam 2017

Little Film Blog Rolleiflex Amsterdam 06Little Film Blog Rolleiflex Amsterdam 07Little Film Blog Rolleiflex Amsterdam 03Little Film Blog Rolleiflex Amsterdam 05Little Film Blog Rolleiflex Amsterdam 04Little Film Blog Rolleiflex Amsterdam 02Little Film Blog Rolleiflex Amsterdam 01

These are shots from two rolls of 120 film during a three-week travel to Europe. Can’t believe that in the entire tour, I only used the Rolleiflex for a grand total of… two!!! rolls!!! And they resulted in such gorgeousness that I’m mentally kicking myself for not shooting more medium format; it was a trip of a lifetime for godssakes Bea

Guess I just have to go back

[October 2017]


Black and White’s where it’s at

Film scanning prices have soared (from 75php to 200php, wtf!) and it bums me out. I should really shoot more black and white film, and digitize with a dslr, or set up a darkroom and print directly to eliminate the need for high-cost scans.

Or you know, just shoot purely digital?

But hmm nahhh I love film too much

Little Film Blog Black and White0001Little Film Blog Black and White-02Little Film Blog Black and White-03Little Film Blog Black and White 04Little Film Blog Black and White-05Little Film Blog Black and White-06

[National Museum of the Philippines, June 2017]

Throwback Thursday: Moalboal Sardine Run

Because happy month of the ocean! This sardine bowl was crazy beautiful and was the most challenging underwater shoot but also a ton of fun. It’s a stupendous sight to witness millions of tiny little fishes swimming in the same direction but will part like the red sea when you attempt to get closer. I’m so glad I have friends who patiently dive over and over while I struggle to frame both diver and sardines in the position I want. I’m ecstatic with the results though! Moalboal is definitely a place to return to; can’t wait to go back!

Nikonos V Underwater Film Superia 400Nikonos V Underwater Film Superia 400Nikonos V Underwater Film Superia 400Nikonos V Underwater Film Superia 400100 01 mafimoalboal_16Nikonos V Underwater Film Superia 400Nikonos V Underwater Film Superia 400

[photos taken July 2015]

Throwback Thursday: Marikina Pool Shoot

When my high school friend returned to the Philippines during her summer break from grad school, I finally got to fulfill the promise I made to her a long time ago: a pool shoot! I dragged her and her sister to the swimming pool tucked in the condominium complex they were staying at, and thankfully we had the area all to ourselves.

100 01 erikapool_0031100 01b erikapool_0015 copy100 02 erikapool_0005100 03 erikapool_0009100 11a erikapool_0020 copy100 11ab erikapool_0013100 11b erikapool_0004 copy100 11ba erikapool_0010100 11bc erikapool_0036100 11f erikapool_0012100 12a erikapool_0034erikapool_0016

I had fun shooting these dimpled sisters, and judging from their faces, they enjoyed it as well!

Throwback Thursday: Little Z on the Big Field

There is a serious dearth of kids in this blog, which is weird since babies and toddlers are my absolute favorite subjects to shoot. So let me remedy that today!


[Images taken sometime in 2015]

Spent this morning making whales and shrimps and octopuses and turtles out of playdoh for my godchild, making it tough for me to go to work today. How do mommies do it?? I miss him already!