Hello, new blog!

I should have done this a year ago, when I bought my first film SLR, a Canon FTb.  Since then I have taken 54 rolls of film (I actually counted!), which averages to around 1 roll a week. That’s less than 2000 shots, shots that I could have easily spent in one weekend using digital. I’m glad that using film has inspired me to go slow. Every shutter click has a cost, after all! Now the goal is to upload pictures everyday so that the blog will catch up with my film photography. 🙂 To start it off, shots from my first roll in my 35mm fully manual SLR, loaded with Kodak Image Pro 100:

Philippine Frogmouth

Philippine Frogmouth at La Mesa Nature Reserve. Canon fd 100-300mm lens

Birthday at La Mesa Eco Park

Birthday celebration with close friends. Canon fd 1.8

These were taken during my birthday; birdwatching at La Mesa Nature Reserve then a mini celebration at La Mesa Eco Park with dear friends. I hate the colors though, I did not expect the pictures to look like that! I’m guessing there’s something wrong with the developing chemicals of the lab (probably expired). If not, it’s probably the scanning. I haven’t checked the negatives though, but I’ll surely get these rescanned. So, people: Don’t have your films scanned and developed at True Colors Hidalgo! You’ll end up with colors like these, too contrasty and unnatural. First lesson learned: Develop and scan your films with a reputable lab!


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