A film photographer’s nightmare

I have ran out of film!!! Wait, is that ‘have run out’ or ‘have ran out’?? Quick google search: past participle of run is run. Boops. So let me reiterate: I have run out of film!!!

superia xtra 400 canon ftb (1 of 1)

Ok so it’s not really a nightmare since film is still pretty much available where I am. But my favorite film supplier The Online Warehouse no longer have stocks of my favorite cheap consumer film, Fuji Superia Xtra 400. The other alternative, Snapnook‘s superia is quite expensive, and super expired. I’m looking for an alternative 400iso film that costs 50pesos or less, any ideas? I don’t quite like DNP Centuria…

Maybe I should not scrimp and just order the expensive superia. It’s almost double the price for what I pay for normally though. However if anyone wants to donate me film, I would love you forever and will throw you internet hugs. Please please?? Ask and you shall receive right?? Right?? Hahahaha lack of film is making me crazy and making me question why the hell I’m sticking to film. And then I remember this.

superia xtra 400 canon ftb (1 of 1)-3

With a little tweaking in Lightroom I can now get colors I want. 🙂 In digital I used to spend a lot more time bringing skin tones to my liking. This was shot using an expired Superia Xtra 400 kindly sold to me by April of Grewlegs. I love it. And I need more of it! I need film security. Film is food. Without it, I turn hangry. Yup, it’s totally in the bottom of my hierarchy of needs hahahaha. I shall now end this post with a gnawing emptiness in my heart. Chos, ang drama! (Oh, the drama.)


Happy 80th anniversary, Kwanon!

Yesterday was the 80th anniversary of Canon’s first camera, the Kwanon. I looked for a shot of me with my Canon FTb, the camera I used for the majority of pictures here. Sadly there is none. Guess I should take more mirror selfies hahaha. Here’s a picture of my friend instead, holding a Canon Superzoom:

superia xtra 400 canon ftb-000418850017

This is from my first roll of film in the Canon FTb, a Kodak Image Pro 100. It’s quite grainy for a 100 asa film, but I blame the development/scanning. Haha. This is my favorite shot in the roll. 🙂