Throwback Thursday: Oslob Sunset

I am getting a bit seasick, and by seasick I mean homesick for the sea.

oslob sunset. Kodak ektar

How I’d love to be that person right now.


8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Oslob Sunset

  1. Found your blog googling for “Ektar Sunsets” deciding on which films to stock up for a possible upcoming trip to Cebu itself. Overdue family -and land- visit!
    Not only did I find this gorgeous photo, but the destination itself.

    Rolleiflexes seem very very nice travel cameras, and having a larger medium format Rangefinder is a bit intimidating but I must take it along of course.


    • Hi Jordi! Sorry for the late reply. Hope you had an enjoyable trip to Cebu. So did you stock up on Ektar? It’s awesome for landscapes!
      Yup Rolleiflexes are light and compact compared to other medium format cameras, which makes them easy to travel around with, and that’s one of the reasons I bought one. The primary reason is I love looking through its waist level finder! It’s just so fun holding a TLR, though it’s quite a pain to focus accurately. Hope you share photos from your mf rangefinder; I’m excited to see Cebu through your lenses. 🙂

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