Throwback Thursday: Crystal Beach

Summer has come to an end and I miss it badly, so here’s a bit of a throwback (these were only taken April this year) in yet another attempt to CPR this blog into activity:

0 100a 0000230 100b 000025 copy0 100c 0000090 101 000010 copy0 102 000012-20 105 0000190 105b a 000008-20 106a 000018 copy0 106c 000014 copy0 106e 000006-20 106e 0000160 106e20 106f2 0000130 106f3 0000060 106g 0000170 107 0000110 108 0000220 109 000010-2


4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Crystal Beach

  1. Beautiful Work! I really love the lighting in these captures. Summer is just beginning here. Today is a hot one! I hope to get to the beach before it is all over. I plan to capture a lot of color shots on film this time using some Portra 400 and Ektar 100. I will have to give Portra 800 a try, too. Looking forward to seeing more activity on your blog.

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