Throwback Thursday: Zedrick portraits

Belated happy birthday to this little guy! He’s four now, but these were taken 2 years ago. He’s gotten a lot better at smiling at the camera since then; staying put, not so much. I’m looking forward to playing with him again!




I just had a cup of coffee and while feeling psyched I went on a blog-hopping spree and got super inspired (and crazy jealous) by this travel blog so I just had to post something on mine.

Little Film Blog Fuji Pro 400h-01-2

This is around a 45-minute exposure. The lovely thing about film and my Canon FTb (no batteries required, and with a mirror lock-up feature) is that I can leave it and it does its job. No need for stacking images on Photoshop!!

The yellowish patch at the bottom right corner is a cloud-covered moonset; also I think I was pointing at Orion here? The three lines of nearly identical thickness a quarter from the left is the belt. Haha I suck at giving directions. The thick line in the middle on the left is Rigel.  Ah what the hell, let’s bust out Stellarium for a clearer reference:

Little Film Blog
After fiddling with the date and time arrows, the Stellarium image matched up with mine. Now I have an idea when exactly I took the photo. I don’t remember the moon to be a thin, waxing crescent, but there you go!  Astronomy is fun you guys!! 🙂

Throwback Thursday: Rustic Mornings

One of the perks of being a Marikenya is that my favorite breakfast place Rustic Mornings is a stone’s throw away. My high school friend, Christine and I celebrated the new year (2015) in this quaint house-turned-restaurant full of interesting details and yes, good food! Going through the photos is enough to make me hungry:

01 Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-10118b-Little-Film-Blog-Portra-800-Rustic-Mornings-120-hLittle Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-102Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-100Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-104Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-105Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-107Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-115Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-106Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-114Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-112Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-11910a-Little-Film-Blog-Portra-800-Rustic-Mornings-117-02Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-11812b-Little-Film-Blog-Portra-800-Rustic-Mornings-109-02Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-11313a-Little-Film-Blog-Portra-800-Rustic-Mornings-110-02Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-12402 Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-108Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-125And can I just gush at how much I love Portra 800? The salad breakfast is the best food shot I have taken.. the colors pop and the green just looks so fresh I’m in love aagh ♥ It’s also as delicious as it looks (the salad anyway; the chicken fillet was meh, but the waffles did not disappoint). Another visit to this garden restaurant is in order!