Throwback Thursday: Post-halloween biking

Nothing much really, just bikes and people on bikes. In the cemetery, after all Saint’s Day, which explains the flowers dotting each headstone.

Little Film Blog Portra 160-2

Little Film Blog Portra 160-4

Little Film Blog Portra 160-3

Little Film Blog Portra 160-1

All taken in 2013. I need more peaceful, quiet mornings like these please.


Happy birthday, bike!

Exactly a year ago, I went inside a japan second-hand shop to buy a camera, and walked out with a bike.

Red folding bike at Loyola Memorial Park. Kodak Portra 160, Canon FTb

The store didn’t carry the camera anymore. Dejectedly, I looked around the shop for other cameras, but something else caught my eye: a red folding bike at the corner. I’ve always wanted a bike, so why not then and there, at that instant? So I inspected it, test-rode it, and purchased it. At last, a bike!!! I can be pretty impulsive.

The shop was in Makati and I live in Marikina. I didn’t want to take a taxi as it’s expensive, so I rode it all the way home instead. Here’s the trip home by the numbers:

No. of times a person said ingat (careful!): 5+
No. of female bikers: 0
No. of kids mocking me: 1
No. of kilometers: 20
No. of semplangs (falls): 0.5 (I call this a semi-plang)
No. of times lost: 1

I was elated when I got home alive. Took me more than two hours for the ride-I plopped on the bed right after. I went to sleep exhausted but proud.

Red folding bike at Loyola Memorial Park. Kodak Portra 160, Canon FTb

So cheers to myself for a year of biking! Happy (secondhand) birthday, my lovely red bike!