Sunflowers at UP Diliman

Once a year, the university avenue is lined with these bright yellow good vibe-giving flowers and I love them so much that I always make time to see them. Of course, I drag my friends along as well! All these were taken in 2015; I remember I would go to work early so I can arrive in UP just before the sun sets, giving my subject those beautiful backlight.



Throwback Thursday: Marikina Pool Shoot

When my high school friend returned to the Philippines during her summer break from grad school, I finally got to fulfill the promise I made to her a long time ago: a pool shoot! I dragged her and her sister to the swimming pool tucked in the condominium complex they were staying at, and thankfully we had the area all to ourselves.

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I had fun shooting these dimpled sisters, and judging from their faces, they enjoyed it as well!

Throwback Thursday: Little Z on the Big Field

There is a serious dearth of kids in this blog, which is weird since babies and toddlers are my absolute favorite subjects to shoot. So let me remedy that today!


[Images taken sometime in 2015]

Spent this morning making whales and shrimps and octopuses and turtles out of playdoh for my godchild, making it tough for me to go to work today. How do mommies do it?? I miss him already!


I just had a cup of coffee and while feeling psyched I went on a blog-hopping spree and got super inspired (and crazy jealous) by this travel blog so I just had to post something on mine.

Little Film Blog Fuji Pro 400h-01-2

This is around a 45-minute exposure. The lovely thing about film and my Canon FTb (no batteries required, and with a mirror lock-up feature) is that I can leave it and it does its job. No need for stacking images on Photoshop!!

The yellowish patch at the bottom right corner is a cloud-covered moonset; also I think I was pointing at Orion here? The three lines of nearly identical thickness a quarter from the left is the belt. Haha I suck at giving directions. The thick line in the middle on the left is Rigel.  Ah what the hell, let’s bust out Stellarium for a clearer reference:

Little Film Blog
After fiddling with the date and time arrows, the Stellarium image matched up with mine. Now I have an idea when exactly I took the photo. I don’t remember the moon to be a thin, waxing crescent, but there you go!  Astronomy is fun you guys!! 🙂

Throwback Thursday: Rustic Mornings

One of the perks of being a Marikenya is that my favorite breakfast place Rustic Mornings is a stone’s throw away. My high school friend, Christine and I celebrated the new year (2015) in this quaint house-turned-restaurant full of interesting details and yes, good food! Going through the photos is enough to make me hungry:

01 Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-10118b-Little-Film-Blog-Portra-800-Rustic-Mornings-120-hLittle Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-102Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-100Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-104Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-105Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-107Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-115Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-106Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-114Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-112Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-11910a-Little-Film-Blog-Portra-800-Rustic-Mornings-117-02Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-11812b-Little-Film-Blog-Portra-800-Rustic-Mornings-109-02Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-11313a-Little-Film-Blog-Portra-800-Rustic-Mornings-110-02Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-12402 Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-108Little Film Blog Portra 800 Rustic Mornings-125And can I just gush at how much I love Portra 800? The salad breakfast is the best food shot I have taken.. the colors pop and the green just looks so fresh I’m in love aagh ♥ It’s also as delicious as it looks (the salad anyway; the chicken fillet was meh, but the waffles did not disappoint). Another visit to this garden restaurant is in order!