Sunflowers at UP Diliman

Once a year, the university avenue is lined with these bright yellow good vibe-giving flowers and I love them so much that I always make time to see them. Of course, I drag my friends along as well! All these were taken in 2015; I remember I would go to work early so I can arrive in UP just before the sun sets, giving my subject those beautiful backlight.



Throwback Thursday: Moalboal Sardine Run

Because happy month of the ocean! This sardine bowl was crazy beautiful and was the most challenging underwater shoot but also a ton of fun. It’s a stupendous sight to witness millions of tiny little fishes swimming in the same direction but will part like the red sea when you attempt to get closer. I’m so glad I have friends who patiently dive over and over while I struggle to frame both diver and sardines in the position I want. I’m ecstatic with the results though! Moalboal is definitely a place to return to; can’t wait to go back!

Nikonos V Underwater Film Superia 400Nikonos V Underwater Film Superia 400Nikonos V Underwater Film Superia 400Nikonos V Underwater Film Superia 400100 01 mafimoalboal_16Nikonos V Underwater Film Superia 400Nikonos V Underwater Film Superia 400

[photos taken July 2015]


Yesterday was spent being engulfed by the sea, and I’m still in a bit of a high. Good dive, good food, good company… it’s probably my last dive for this year and I couldn’t have had it better. 🙂

Little Film Blog Superia Xtra 800-4

[Shot taken at Moalboal, Philippines. July 2015]