Black and White’s where it’s at

Film scanning prices have soared (from 75php to 200php, wtf!) and it bums me out. I should really shoot more black and white film, and digitize with a dslr, or set up a darkroom and print directly to eliminate the need for high-cost scans.

Or you know, just shoot purely digital?

But hmm nahhh I love film too much

Little Film Blog Black and White0001Little Film Blog Black and White-02Little Film Blog Black and White-03Little Film Blog Black and White 04Little Film Blog Black and White-05Little Film Blog Black and White-06

[National Museum of the Philippines, June 2017]


Throwback Thursday: Black and white film scan

This was taken around 8 years ago when I was taking up a black-and-white film photography class:

littlefilmblog black and white

Pity I wasn’t crazy about film photography back then, when I had access to a good lab. Since June last year I have been dreaming of doing my own developing and I can’t believe it actually took me half a year to complete my dev kit. I blame procrastination. :)) Now I have chemicals, equipment, and exposed black and white film; all that’s left to do is to actually develop them.

I’m scared. But way more thrilled!
Hope it goes well! 😀