Friends on film: coffee and our beloved uni (part 2)

Photos from the Rolleiflex! This is my first roll of medium format Fuji Pro 400h, so I was quite excited. It’s a couple of months expired, but no worries, the films were bought at which refrigerates them. Pictures were taken at Cool Beans Maginhawa.

My astro buddy at Cool Beans Maginhawa. Rolleiflex with Fuji Pro 400 My astro buddy at Cool Beans Maginhawa. Candid pose! Rolleiflex with Fuji Pro 400

On to the university part:

Friends at Quezon Hall Steps. Fuji Pro 400h rolleiflex

It’s fun to have friends who willingly model for you.

Eva on Quezon Hall steps. Fuji Pro 400h rolleiflex

My astro buddy near Oble, Fuji Pro 400h rolleiflex Little Film Blog Fuji Pro 400h rolleiflex (7 of 6)

Our darling Oble, aka oblation statue, which symbolizes service to the country. It is quite possibly the most photographed butt in the Philippines!

Fuji Pro 400h impressions: Most of the colors here were adjusted in Lightroom. The colors straight out of the scan frustrate me (oh how I long to have my own Fuji SP3000 scanner so I can control the scanning variable!), but they’re not as frustrating as digital hahaha. I do love the 400 asa of the film. It’s so versatile—the university shots were taken after sundown, so the 400 asa gives me two stops more to work with, compared to favorite 100 asa film, Kodak Ektar. I should really write my settings next time but when shooting, I can’t be bothered (too lazy lah!) and I always regret it afterwards (WHY DIDN’T I WRITE THE SETTINGS DOWN??!). Or I should have an actual test roll but I’m too trigger happy and end up using the roll for shoots. I know test rolls would be beneficial for the long-term but multiple pictures of the same thing makes me go naah, I’ll shoot this and just overexpose. But by how much??? Having a test roll would enable me to get a more accurate expectation to the scans I get, if I stick with the same lab. For this, I also need a dedicated light meter; right now I’m just using my Canon s95 (a point and shoot camera with manual capabilities) to meter exposure. There’s a lot of things I have to save up for, so go me! Why must my hobbies be so expensive T_T On a brighter note, I just bought 2 rolls again of this film and as long as my Rollei’s not empty, I’m happy. đŸ™‚